5 Reasons To Let You Decide – Shillong Or Shimla?


We both, me & my wife were left awestruck by the Arial view of Guwahati Airport popularly known as Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport.

Vast wetland and it seemed like a huge playground of which the airstrip was a part. We were heading to Shillong where I was to take up an assignment for two years.

It was a temporary deputation. I was told Meghalaya is beautiful among all the seven sister states and it’s Hilly. I was quite excited to spend these two years in the hill state because of my origin in the Hill State Himachal Pradesh, which I was missing since 1992.

The journey along with my six-month-old daughter from Guwahati to Shillong was so good that it’s still fresh in my memory. As we crossed the Khanpara diversion the striking green vegetation around & clean serpentine roads free from potholes did surprise me a lot.

I don’t think many of us would hold a high opinion about these states when it comes to their infrastructure being so good. But it was contrary to what we thought.

The red taxi with black leather seat covers was so clean as if has just come out of the service center. I could see the attention given to details. The Taxis in Shillong are always well-maintained. Correct me if I am wrong by writing to me on mail ID: femme.hospitalities@gmail.com

Himachal Pradesh lacks attention to detail probably because they know they have captive tourists and they would visit anyway.

We had our lunch in Woodland Restaurant at Nogpoh where the owner was a female which again was usual for people of Meghalaya, but very bizarre for us.

The Orchids, Pitcher Plant won our hearts at Shillong.

Both Shimla and Shillong are beautiful hill stations in India, each with its own unique charm and attractions. Here are some key differences between the two:

Location and Climate: Shimla is located in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, while Shillong is located in the northeastern state of Meghalaya. Shimla has a cooler climate and is best visited during the summer months, while Shillong has a more moderate climate and can be visited year-round.

Scenery and Landscapes: Shimla is known for its beautiful colonial-era architecture, lush green hills, and views of the Himalayas. Shillong, on the other hand, is known for its picturesque waterfalls, rolling hills, and scenic lakes.

Culture and Activities: Shimla has a rich history and culture, and is home to numerous temples, museums, and other cultural sites. It also offers adventure activities like trekking and skiing. Shillong has a distinct culture, with a mix of tribal and colonial influences. It is known for its music scene and offers activities like river rafting and caving.

What We Used To Do In Shillong During Weekends?

Our routine was to wander around in our car. Set course, which we never pre-decided. Since we were vegetarians, we always struggled to get our kind of food. Bananas and oranges were always available to fill our stomachs.

Sitting by the side of some river, see crystal clear water flowing over the rounded-off stones covered with green moss. My wife would always carry tea in a flask and we would find some picturesque spot to enjoy our tea.

As we exit from the residential colony, left we turn, this would take us to Cherrapunji and if we go right we would climb down to Shillong City.

If it’s Sunday, you would see people dressed for the Sunday Mass in the Church. Guys & Gals are well dressed , seemed like more for their personal reasons than the prayers in the Church. That’s OKAY !

Whatever, but I found it pretty good and impressive. Police Bazaar was our regular hangout with our daughter in the pram.

What Do Himachalis & Shillogites Do During Rains?

Himachalis prefer closing themselves in their house while the people in Shillong play soccer in the rain. Life does not stop here even in the torrential rains.

I just can’t forget one of my colleagues jogging with an umbrella each day during monsoons. Rains would never deter people in Meghalaya from enjoying.

It won’t be that surprising if you notice guys singing, and playing soccer. They won’t miss any moment to fill their life with joy.

Why Shillong Is Lovely & Shimla Adventurous?

When you are driving in Meghalaya the mountains are not blocking your view, whereas in Himachal Pradesh you can’t see the other side.

You need to have a strong at heart because you can experience all kinds of phobias here in Himachal Pradesh. This makes Shimla & the entire Himachal Pradesh adventurous. This is another dimension.

Ummunoi root bridge Shillong
Ummunoi root bridge Shillong

What Are The Peaks Called In Shillong & Shimla?

They call the peak in Shillong ‘Liatkore Peak‘, while in Shimla it is ‘Jakhu Hill’.

Shillong Peak has a unit of the Indian Airforce and the entire peak has an IAF settlement. Needless to say, it’s well maintained & the entire Shillong City spread is visible from the viewpoint.

Jakhu Hill is famous for the Jakhu Temple and the tall statue of Lord Hanuman. Going by the mythological beliefs, the temple is built at a place where Lord Hanuman rested while flying to fetch Sanjivani Booti.

(Read more about temples in Himachal Pradesh)

I did not notice monkeys in Shillong Peak. Jakhu Hill is full of notorious monkeys. To reach the Shillong Peak, taxis/trekking is the only way whereas Jakhu Hills can be reached by Taxis/trekking and a dedicated Ropeway.

You must always carry a stick along to ward off monkeys. They are even interested in your sunglasses.

Recommend Places In Shillong.

  • Dawki – Dawki is Eastern India’s postcard town, located on the Indo-Bangadesh border. Dawki is known for its emerald crystal clear water Umngot River. This river is considered to be the cleanest in Asia. At Dawki, one can take a boat ride on the Umngot River, and explore Jaintia Hills. If you like adventure tourism, feel the adrenaline rush in Shnongpdegg, known for its riverside camps. About 45 min away is Mawlynnong, the cleanest village in Asia.
  • Don Bosco Museum
  • Living Root Bridges(Mawlynnong)
  • Mawlynnong, Cleanest Village In Asia
  • Cherrapunji/Sohra, the wettest place on the planet
  • Waterfalls (Nohkalikai falls, Nohsngithiang Falls, Elephant Falls) & Sacred Forests(Mawphlang)
Dawki Shillong
Umngot River
  • Kufri                                                            
  • Naldehra
  • Mashobra
  • Chail
  • Ridge
  • Institute of Advanced Studies or Viceregal Lodge
  • Jakhoo Hill

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