I am an engineer turned content writer. I wrote travel stories for TRIPOTO for some time and articles in varied niches on other platforms.

In 2016, I quit my job with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited to pursue my dream of having my own hospitality venture. During an official assignment to Shillong, I traveled a lot by road and found it very satisfying.

I extended it further by doing road trips along with my wife & kids to South India & later to Himachal Pradesh. I was keen on exploring the waypoints en route, which otherwise would be left out if I chose quick trips by flight.

It was in 2015 when I purchased the Kamats Restaurant franchisee to give my hospitality dream a smooth start. The idea was to set up Kamats Restaurant across Himachal Pradesh and we did set up one in Shimla, but it didn’t go that smoothly.

Restaurant, homestay & multiple relocations to find a better business kept me busy all the time. Then COVID happened in 2019 and washed all that I had set up.

It was during COVID times I started writing for TRIPOTO. Winning a contest restored some confidence which is propelling me further even today.

To explore more and write more travel stories, reviews are my favorite things.

This blog is all about my experiences & an effort to add to the experience of the tourists visiting this wonderful state. I hope you will enjoy reading about these experiences.

I write what I see, therefore you can even take my services to verify the destination & hotels beforehand to be sure of driving out the experience that you may have aimed at.