They Are Ronnie and Barty:  Famous content creators and travel blogger couple from Manali. Their partnership in work and life & Love for the mountains and slow-paced life in Manali is worth appreciating.

Long-drawn love affair with the mountains, making a documentary of their life in Manali emphasizes the true test of their love through travel.

Traveling to exotic destinations. Focusing on adventure, discovery, this couple Inspires others to explore Himachal more.

While traveling, photographing, and featuring their adventure, sharing travel tips they have built a substantial following on their YouTube channel

Ronnie & Barty embark on numerous journeys together, celebrating wanderlust adventures through stories and visuals.  Fantastic Story Tellers !

They took a decision to move to Manali in 2017. Shooting hands-on travel content showcasing their value. Living an exhilarating life while promoting their travel show.

Creating a space for "love meets adventure"

They experience rough travel conditions and sleep in camps. Ronnie & Barty are constantly on the move striving for the perfect shot

Inspiring others to live an adventurous life.

Ronnie and Barty' are making a great contribution to tourism in Himachal Pradesh by showcasing the best of the Hill State.

Do watch their channel ! For their good job !