The fruit bowl of the country is heaven for Fruitarians-  those who only eat fruits! 

Himachal Pradesh

Let's see what we get IN  HIMACHAL PRADESH

Shimla contributes to 70% of the total production. Out of the total 20 varieties of Apples in India, 8 of them are grown in Himachal Pradesh. Best Season : Mid July- Ends in August


Known as Armenian Plum. They are detoxifiers. They are rich in minerals,vitamins,phosphorus,iron, carbohydrates and more. Best Season : May – June


Boosts your immune system and provides lots of fibre. The third highest grown fruit in Himachal Pradesh after Apples and Plums. Best Season: May – July


Plum has a sweet and juicy with a pleasant tart aftertaste. The fruit is most often used in baked goods or boiled to create jams and sauces for both sweet and savory dishes. It can even be grilled, poached, roasted, or stewed!


Contains load of vitamins & minerals. Wild variety of Pomegranates called Daru is found in abundance in Himachal. Dried pearls of pomegranate are called Anardana and is used extensively in Himchali food.


India’s first commercial kiwi orchard  was established in Solan, Himachal Pradesh.Kiwi is highly nutritive, healthy and chemical residue free fruit. Season: Oct –Nov


Cherry has been a big hit in Covid times due to its high nutritive values to boost immunity. Cherries improve brain fuction,arthritis pain, protects from diabetes. Season : May- July


Strawberry not only looks awesome and luscious, it is a great food. Lover’s fruit.  Next to chocolate, strawberries are one of the most widely known aphrodisiacs. Strawberries are grown in Himachal Pradesh. What you find is truly Himachal grown!