Cafes In Shimla-A Comprehensive Guide To Best Cafes?

Cafes in Shimla

Exploring the cafes in Shimla is a must! From the fresh, invigorating air to the majestic Himalayan Mountains, everything about Shimla makes it an ideal holiday destination.

Groups of friends, families, and young couples frequently plan trips to this hill station in Himachal Pradesh due to its royal charm, snow-covered hills, and stunning valley vistas.

A visit to Shimla would be incomplete without indulging in some delicious food. One cannot rely solely on mountain-style noodles and fritters all day long, can they?

Here are cafes in Shimla that you must visit during your trip to Shimla:

1.Cafe Sol Shimla # Cafes in Shimla

One of Shimla’s most iconic cafes is undoubtedly Cafe Sol. It’s rare to find a young person in this hill station who doesn’t have fond memories of hanging out with friends at this beautiful cafe.

Cafe Sol, situated inside the renowned Hotel Combermere on Mall Road, Shimla, offers mouth-watering international cuisine with a nostalgic touch. It remains unrivaled as the best cafe on Mall Road in Shimla.

# Cafes in Shimla

2.The Devicos Restaurant & Bar

The Devicos restaurant, situated on Shimla’s Mall Road, is a versatile and long-standing establishment that caters to a wide range of palates, offering South Indian, North Indian, and Chinese cuisines.

It has earned a reputation for serving some of the most delightful dishes in town and transitions into a vibrant party destination, ensuring a fantastic time with friends. The affordability of its delicious food further enhances its status as one of Shimla’s beloved dining spots.

Cafes in Shimla
Devicos Restaurant

Devicos is a cornerstone of dining in Shimla, maintaining its popularity even after 50 years! Located near the historic Indian Coffeehouse, Devicos boasts an ambiance reminiscent of fine dining, featuring chandeliers, soft lighting, polished wooden tables, chairs and rexine draped sofas. It remains a favorite among tourists and travelers alike, offering a comfortable dining area at road level and a bar on the first floor.

# Cafes in Shimla

3.Café Shimla Times

Named in honor of Shimla’s inaugural newspaper, The Shimla Times, this café along Mall Road is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered during your vacation. With its artistic, tranquil, and diverse ambiance, Café Shimla Times stands out as a premier choice among the city’s multi-cuisine cafes for several compelling reasons.

Situated within Hotel Willow Bank on Mall Road, Café Shimla Times is a gem that charms visitors with its timeless European theme from the moment they enter. Its culinary offerings range from Specialty Wood-Fired Oven Pizzas to delectable Burgers, authentic Chinese platters, and hearty Indian specialties, catering to a wide range of tastes.

Cafes in Shimla []
Cafe Shimla Times [ Photo Credit: Sushant Shukla]

The café’s vibrant setting, complete with a lively restaurant and bar, fosters an inviting atmosphere. Their craft beer selection is particularly noteworthy, offering the freshest brews in Shimla. Additionally, the rooftop seating options afford breathtaking views of the surrounding hills, enhancing the overall dining experience.

However, the highlight of your visit could be the live music performances by local bands in the evenings, which adds a soulful dimension to the ambiance.

Whether you’re a resident of Shimla or a tourist, Café Shimla Times offers a delightful escape with its inviting ambiance and harmonious blend of nature and flavors. A visit here is not merely a stopover but a memorable expedition through the heart of Shimla. It comes highly recommended!

# Cafes in Shimla

4.Hide Out Café

Tucked next to Gaiety Theatre and Town Hall is the charming Hide Out Cafe, a snug yet enchanting destination. Despite its compact size, the café exudes a magical allure with its superb cuisine. Their sandwiches are particularly noteworthy, and the apple pie is a definite standout.

The café offers a wonderful view that captures the vibrant activity of the bustling crowd on Mall Road. For a scenic dining experience, the window seats on the first floor provide a lovely view of Mall Road. Additionally, they have a bakery downstairs where you can treat yourself to cakes and other delightful desserts.

Cafes in Shimla []
Hide Out Cafe [ Photo Credit: Shivani Garasia]

Conveniently located on Mall Road, this café has recently expanded to include two nearby outlets. They boast a diverse menu with options ranging from noodles and Manchurian to pasta and a variety of sandwiches (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and now even Indian Mughlai dishes. The servings are well-portioned, though the prices are reported to be on the higher side.

Apart from the delectable food, what distinguishes this café is its cleanliness, including impeccably clean toilets—a rare find in tourist areas. The staff is also remarkably courteous and attentive to guests’ needs.

If you’re seeking delicious food paired with a splendid view, Hide Out Cafe is a must-visit spot.

5. Café Under Tree

For those in search of elevated experiences, Café Under Tree, Shimla’s highest cafe, provides a tranquil getaway with a steaming cup of tea. Its close proximity to the renowned Jakhoo Temple makes it easily reachable and an ideal spot to relax. Visitors can access it via the ropeway, enjoying scenic views of the entire Shimla valley along the way.

Undoubtedly the finest café in Shimla, primarily due to its location and then its food! It’s strategically located away from the bustling crowds of Mall Road. Moreover, it’s budget-friendly, making it an even more appealing choice.

Cafe Under Tree
Cafe Under Tree, Jakhu Hills Shimla [Photo Credit: Ajinkya]

# Cafes in Shimla

6. Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House in Shimla holds legendary status, offering a no-nonsense vibe and decades-old charm. It’s a favorite among locals and even dignitaries like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, making it a must-visit for its authentic experience.

# Cafes in Shimla

7. Wake and Bake

Situated on Mall Road, Wake and Bake charms visitors with its hillside allure. With a wide array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, it’s a newer yet beloved addition to Shimla’s culinary scene.

# Cafes in Shimla

8. Honey Hut

Renowned for its environmentally conscious practices, Honey Hut provides a delightful conclusion to cool evenings through its menu infused with honey. Located on Mall Road near Khadi Bhavan, it’s a charming destination for honey aficionados.

Every dish on their menu incorporates high-quality honey, which is served separately for you to customize according to your taste. The staff exhibits excellent hospitality, and the food is beautifully presented. We highly recommend visiting Honey Hut!

Cafes in Shimla []

# Cafes in Shimla

9. Wood Street Café

After exploring Lakkar Bazar, rejuvenate at Wood Street Café known for its appealing ambiance and diverse cuisine offerings, making it a top choice among Shimla’s cafes.

10.Eighteen 71

Located at Hotel Willow Banks on Mall Road, Eighteen 71 offers a unique blend of Bengali, Rajasthani, and other cuisines, transporting diners to a regal era.

11.45th The Central

For a culinary journey encompassing North Indian, Chinese, and Continental delights, 45th The Central is a go-to spot on Mall Road, ideal for tourists and locals alike.

12. The Que Cafe

Tucked away from the Mall Road’s hustle, The Que Cafe at Torrentium Lodge provides a serene dining experience without compromising on delectable multi-cuisine dishes at reasonable prices.

The Que cafe is a nice spot for snacks and dining in. The food is decent. They offer open seating and host live music on weekends. The staff is friendly and attentive, making the overall experience welcoming and enjoyable.

What sets this place apart is its Hookah service and the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) option, which is distinct from other cafes in Shimla.

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Live Music Session@ Que Cafe[Photo Credit:Banita Verma]

13. The Corner Cafe

Located near Sanjauli, The Corner Cafe is a local favorite offering fantastic meals away from touristy spots, making it a perfect stop before heading to the upper hills.

You must give their Pizzas, Chilly Paneer, and Hakka Noodles a try. Their Cheesecake and Pudding were also delightful. Personally, I wasn’t too keen on their Pastas, but aside from that, the food was delicious.

If opted for delivery, and the packaging they provide is sturdy and leak-proof. While the prices are a bit on the higher side, they are justified by the generous portion sizes they provide.

Definitely a must-try in Shimla Hills.

Corner Cafe_Cafes in Shimla

14. Café Khoblu

Cafe Khoblu is a haven for those in search of delectable cuisine, genuine hospitality, and a distinctive ambiance. The moment you enter, you’re whisked away to a realm of snug contentment and welcoming smiles.

With breathtaking vistas of the nearby hills, the cafe enhances the overall allure of your visit. The team is exceptionally cordial and attentive, always striving to ensure your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Khoblu Cafe_Cafes in Shimla

The cafe offers a fantastic ambiance, delightful food, picturesque views, and a special treat for pet owners with a 15% discount on your food bill when you bring your furry friend along. The portions are generous, and the pricing is reasonable.

As for parking, it’s available at the Sanjauli multi-level parking facility. Families will appreciate the well-segregated, kid-friendly area and the option for private dining. Plus, being pet-friendly adds an extra layer of charm to the experience.

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