How to reach Mall Road from Shimla Railway Station?

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This article on ” How to reach Mall Road from Shimla Railway Station” explains the various ways to reach the iconic Mall Road by walking, taxi, or public transport.

Mall Road is the main commercial street in Shimla and one of the popular tourist destinations.

It is a pedestrian-friendly area lined with various shops, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques.

The road is usually crowded with tourists and locals, especially during peak tourist seasons.

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Let’s see how to reach Mall Road from Shimla Railway Station?

It all depends upon the lodging planned of your trip to Shimla. You will have to choose the mode of conveyance accordingly.

To reach Mall Road from Shimla Railway Station, you can follow these directions/options-

Walk (If you can)

Mall Road is around 2 kilometers from the Shimla Railway Station, and you can choose to walk if you prefer.

The route is uphill, but it offers beautiful views of the city. It will take you approximately 30-40 minutes to reach Mall Road on foot.

Caution: Do not opt for this option with elderly members. I am sure they will not be able to walk so much on foot.

Shimla Railway Station
Photo Credit: Andrew Rojak(FB Page)
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Photo Credit: Andrew Rojak(FB Page)

Taxi(Easy option)

Taxis are readily available outside the Shimla Railway Station. You can hire a taxi and ask the driver to drop you off at Mall Road.

Make sure to negotiate the fare before starting the journey, and the approximate travel time will be around 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic.

Shared Taxi(Easy on pocket)

Shared taxis are a common mode of transport in Shimla. You can find shared taxis near the railway station that travel to Mall Road.

These taxis usually accommodate multiple passengers, and the fare is divided among them. The travel time will be similar to a regular taxi.

Local Bus(Best way)

Another cost-effective option is to take a local bus from Shimla Railway Station to Mall Road.

You can ask for assistance from locals or transportation authorities to find the right bus.

Buses in Shimla are quite frequent, and the travel time will depend on the traffic conditions.

More About Mall Road

Mall Road offers a pleasant ambiance for leisurely walks and shopping. It provides stunning views of the surrounding hills and the cityscape.

You’ll find numerous shops selling local handicrafts, woolens, traditional jewelry, and other souvenirs. There are also several restaurants and eateries offering a variety of cuisines, including Himachali delicacies.

Horse Rides are available for hire if you want to explore nearby attractions like Scandal Point or enjoy a ride along the road.

Overall, Mall Road is a bustling and vibrant place where you can experience the local culture, shop for souvenirs, enjoy delicious food, and soak in the scenic beauty of Shimla.

It starts from Chotta Shimla, southeast of the center, to Scandal Point, which is regarded as the center of the town, and extends further to Viceregal Lodge.

On the west of the Scandal Point, an elegant quasi-Tudor folly houses the post office.

On the way to the famous Kali Bari Temple is the whimsical Bantony, a mansion once home to Maharajah of Sirmaur.

Bantony which was slowly decaying has got a sigh of relief as it’s now under renovation.  

Are you going to stay on Mall Road?

Staying on the Mall Road is a luxury in itself. Mall Road has budget hotels & high-end hotels including heritage hotels like Hotel Oberoi Clarkes. To know more you can read Top 4 Agoda Recommended Hotels In Shimla For Your Great Stay


Q. What is the distance between Shimla Railway Station and Mall Road?

The distance between Shimla Railway Station and Mall Road is approximately 2 kilometers.

Q. How can I reach Mall Road from Shimla Railway Station?

There are several options to reach Mall Road from Shimla Railway Station. By Taxi: Taxis are readily available at the railway station. You can hire one to take you directly to Mall Road. On Foot: If you enjoy walking and the weather permits, you can take a pleasant walk to Mall Road. It takes around 20-30 minutes.

Q. Are there any local buses from Shimla Railway Station to Mall Road?

Yes, there are local buses that operate from Shimla Railway Station to Mall Road. You must come from the railway station to the main road to board the bus. Buses are frequent & if you ask the passerby they will help you navigate. Himachalis are generally helpful.

Q. How much does a taxi ride from Shimla Railway Station to Mall Road cost?

The taxi fare may vary, but it is advisable to confirm the fare with the taxi driver before starting the journey. People from other than Himachal Pradesh may find it costlier as compared to Ola & Uber.

Q. Are there any landmarks on the way to Mall Road that can help me navigate?

Yes, landmarks like the Victory Tunnel, Old Bus Stand and Gurudwara are on the way to Mall Road. You can use them as reference points.

Q. What is the approximate travel time from Shimla Railway Station to Mall Road?

The travel time depends on the mode of transportation. A taxi may take around 10-15 minutes while walking could take around 20-30 minutes.

Q. Are there luggage storage facilities available at Mall Road for tourists?

Some hotels or shops on Mall Road may offer luggage storage facilities. It’s recommended to check with them directly. Better not to have luggage if you want to come to Mall Road.

Q. Can I hire a bicycle to travel from Shimla Railway Station to Mall Road?

Yes, some places in Shimla offer bicycle rentals. You will have to inquire about this option before your arrival so that the bicycle is available on your arrival. Bicycle rentals are not available right at the railway station.

Q. Is Mall Road pedestrian-friendly?

Yes, Mall Road is a pedestrian-friendly area with shops, restaurants, and attractions. It’s a great place for a leisurely stroll.

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