Discovering the Beauty Of The Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers lies in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand at an elevation of 3,658 meters above sea level. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts adventure lovers from all over. The Valley of Flowers trek is one of the most famous hikes in Uttrakhand which provides an excellent chance to observe the amazing Himalayas.

This walk has a moderate level on difficulty scale and it can be done by both beginners and experienced tourists. In this tour guide, we have mentioned everything you need to know to make your trip easy and memorable.

Discovering the valley of flowers 

The Valley of Flowers is one of the most well-known and oldest trekking trails in Uttarakhand, India. This breathtaking valley is located at the Nanda Devi biosphere.

You can also trek to the Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara which is one of the highest gurdwaras in India. The beauty of this valley is just a sight to behold. This beautiful scenery will make you fall in love with the beauty. On your way, you’ll witness the beautiful flowers blooming on the trail. 

Suitable time for the trek

The best time for the Valley of Flowers trek is from mid-July to mid-September without miss. During this time, the valley of Uttarakhand, India is decorated with vibrant colors feast while the flowers emerge as complete bloom. July and August are given the capital of the Latin name for the valley because it is the most outstanding floral scene.

Visiting during the monsoon which is fully extended from late June to early July is generally not a good idea, because the rains can make it slippery on the trails and the risk of landslides posed to the climbers cannot be ignored.

As a result, the schedule for the trek to Valley of Flowers should be planned during the said period so that the visitors can enjoy the melody and beauty of the flowers in the best possible conditions.

How to reach Valley of Flowers

The nearest railway junction to Rishikesh, which is connected to all major cities in India, serves as a convenient transit point. From Rishikesh, it typically takes around 10 to 12 hours by a 4-axle shared taxi to reach the spiritual town of Govindghat.

To ensure punctuality and avoid potential delays due to tourist traffic, taxis are usually dispatched in the morning. Upon arrival at Govindghat, it’s essential to register at the checkpoint before embarking on the 13-kilometer trek up to Ghangaria.

Ghangaria offers various accommodation options, ranging from places to rest and prepare for the final leg of the journey to overnight stays amidst the breathtaking natural scenery.

The halt duration at Ghangaria is approximately 3 hours, allowing for a 5-kilometer trek involving a strenuous ascent. Local porters are available to assist with carrying luggage if needed. It’s advisable to refrain from using temple cars or jeeps for the journey from Govindghat to Ghangaria due to the perilously narrow road.

Travelers must obtain authorization from the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve to access the Valley of Flowers.

What to see in the valley of flowers?

1. Hemkund sahib gurudwara: while trekking in the Valley of Flowers you will also get an amazing opportunity to trek to one of the highest gurudwara in the world located at an altitude of 4350 meters. Behind the gurudwara, you can also see a beautiful frozen lake that remains frozen for 6 months. 

2. Stunning views: on your way to the base camp you’ll witness the most stunning views of Panch Prayag and after reaching Ghanghriya village you can see the beautiful Pushpawati river and stunning Himalayan peaks. 

3. Towering peaks: The trip is itself a captivating feeling for a set of prehistoric visible features that just fascinate all the eyes. They create such an amazing background setting that you can imagine all the quiet mountains furnished in these pictures clicked by you. These heights are considered as Nilgiri, Gauri Parvata, Rattan, and many other mountains.

4. The temple: There will be another temple that is built for lord Lakshman, in which you will get a chance to ask for blessings from him and also take things with the gods.

Activities to do in the valley of flowers

The Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand has several activities for nature fans and journey seekers. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers several activities.

1. Trekking

Embark on a hike through the enchanting valley, traversing well-established trails alive with vibrant flowers, verdant foliage, and breathtaking vistas. This exhilarating activity is ideal for thrill-seekers, offering both mental and physical challenges that keep you grounded in the present moment and leave you yearning to prolong your journey along the trail.

2. Photography

The valley serves as a photographer’s wonderland, showcasing magnificent floral displays, snow-capped peaks, and remarkable biodiversity. Capture stunning images that showcase the beauty of the scenery, enhanced by its natural splendor and picturesque views.

Nila Posta
Nila Posta @ Valley of Flowers [Photo Credit: The HIMALYAS are calling]
Kobra Lily
Cobra Lily @ Valley of Flowers [Photo Credit: The HIMALYAS are calling]

3. Bird Watching

In pristine, pollution-free environments, you’ll encounter numerous mountain birds alongside vibrant butterflies and diverse avian species. It’s advisable to avoid disturbing them; instead, quietly observe from a distance to appreciate their natural beauty.

4. Botanical Exploration

In this place, you’ll discover a novel experience as you gaze upon and feel the vast array of flowers, many of which are endemic and rare. This attraction is sure to captivate forest enthusiasts and botanists alike.

5. Camping

Ease your mind of any fears by immersing yourself in the camping experience in the valley. Breathe in the fresh air, gaze at the starry night sky, and enjoy lighthearted moments with your campmates around the crackling fire. Jamming and singing songs in high spirits will fill the atmosphere with joy and camaraderie.

6. Visit Hemkund Sahib

You have the opportunity to join an elemental trek to Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara, a renowned Sikh shrine nestled at high altitude amidst surreal mountain vistas. Its elevated location is one of its notable features, contributing to its prominence as a Gurudwara throughout the country.

7. Enjoy Local Cuisine

Indulge in Garhwali cuisine available in the neighboring villages, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and earn the affection of the people. The tantalizing flavors of these dishes will tempt you to explore further culinary delights.

Reasons to do the valley of flowers trek

Experience the serene awakening of trees, shrubs, and flowers as they come to life in silence: Witness the emergence of scarlet rhododendrons, carpets of pristine alpine meadows, and fragrant herbs adorning babbling streams. Behold the valley undergoes a transformation into a vibrant tapestry of colors.

Marvel at the majestic Himalayan peaks such as Rataban, Kunt Khal, and Chandranath. On clear days, capture breathtaking views of towering 7000-meter peaks from strategic vantage points along the trek.

Explore ancient Hindu temples and sacred pilgrimage sites like Badrinath and Hemkund Sahib, discovering sanctuaries revered as the earthly abodes of gods nestled amidst towering peaks.

Discover the opportunity to photograph over six hundred species of flowers such as saxifraga, sedums, anemones, geraniums, and blue poppies in this valley—a paradise for botanists. It presents endless scenes of rare and endemic flowers.

Enhance your trekking experience by encountering exotic wildlife like the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, brown bear, and blue sheep. Proceed slowly and quietly during your journey to observe these elusive Himalayan creatures in their natural habitat.


The Valley of Flowers is nature’s precious offering, appearing as an untouched, pristine realm. Embark on this journey in pursuit of a brighter, fresher world, and you’ll craft unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime. Beginning now not only grants the satisfaction of taking the initial strides but also paves the way toward reaching your ultimate destination.

Cover Photo Credit: Adventure Yug

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