Ellesmere Island-  A Natural Wonder To See Before  You Die

Ellesmere is a vast  desert island, 10th largest in the world.

The Challenger Mountains, located in the northeast region of Ellesmere Island, is the most northern mountain range in the world 

Photo Credit : Jerry Kobalenko

In the local Inuktitut language, Quttinirpaaq (name of the vast national park on Ellesmere Island), means "top of the world." 

Photo Credit : Trip advisor

The Arctic willow is the only woody species that survive on Ellesmere Island. 

Ellesmere Island is the home of the famous mummified forests. 

Photo Credit : Jerry Kobalenko

Large areas of Ellesmere Island are covered with glaciers and ice 

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Ellesmere Island wildlife species include the sturdy and resilient Arctic wolf. 

Photo Credit : Jerry Kobalenko quarkexpeditions.com

Ellesmere Island is a true wilderness with just 3 settlements- Eureka, Alert , and Grise Fjord.

Photo Credit : Jerry Kobalenko quarkexpeditions.com