About ‘Nati’ – A popular Folk Dance of Himachal & how to learn ‘Nati”?

Each state in India has folk dance(s) which can be even called the community dance. Large gatherings or sometimes a sizeable group of people perform these folk dances. Earlier the performances used to be on some special occasions; wedding, celebrating good harvest! Anything that is synchronously performed by large groups catches attention and Nati is one such folk dance form prevalent in Himachal Pradesh & Uttrakhand.

Kinnauri Nati (Credits: Pinterest)

It’s a matter of pride for the state of Himachal Pradesh that Nati performed during Dussehra in Kullu by 8540 women on 7 Oct 2014, had set Limca World Record. Later, on 26 Oct 2015, 9892 women dancers went on to set a higher record, Guinness World Record.

Since Himachal Pradesh is a tourism-dependent state, Nati is being used extensively to amuse tourists to make trips memorable. All major resorts/hotels have the Nati performance planned for their guests. 

Kuldeep Sharma, a noted singer of Pahari songs is famous as ‘Nati King’. He performs live & the audience dance to his tunes.

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