I interact closely with tourists in Shimla, most of the time in my Restaurant & Homestay. I always wonder, having landed in Shimla they often would ask me about places to visit as if they have run short of spots to visit & sometimes pass very typical remarks –

इन सीढ़ियों से ऊपर और नीचे चढ़ने के अलावा, हमारे पास शिमला में और क्या है। (Apart from climbing up & down these stairs, what else do we have in Shimla?)

Let’s talk about the agenda or motive for vacations at Shimla. I strongly believe that in order to enjoy Shimla the most, one should possess a clear agenda or motives. I have listed the motives below(Courtesy: Norzalita Abd Aziz, University Kebangsaan Malaysia)who had already done research on this aspect and did match with what I had in my mind to share with travelers around –





A: : “Exploration & Excitement”  

·  To explore different cultures
· To enjoy a great variety of food
· To explore a different lifestyle
· To travel to safe destinations
· To seek novelty
· To enjoy holidays
· To travel to a destination that people appreciate
·  To meet people
· To seek adventure
· To shop

B: : “Relaxation & Attractions”  

·  To relax
· To travel to destinations that one has never been to
· To view the beautiful scenery
· To fulfill dreams of traveling
· To release tension
· To learn new things/increase knowledge

C: : “Entertainment & Sport Activities”  

· To enjoy the nightlife
· To participate in sport
· To attend sports events/tournaments
· To travel to a cosmopolitan city
· To enhance one’s social image
· To enjoy being entertained

D: : “Destination Choice”

· To travel to destinations without language barriers
· To travel to a closer/nearby destination
· To travel to familiar destinations

E: : “Socialization & Family Bonding”

· To be with family members
· To visit friends /relatives

Example of right or wrong Motive selection for Shimla as a Vacation destination –
Assuming that you are coming to Shimla with a motive of “Entertainment and sports activity “and you have the agenda to enjoy the nightlife in Shimla. This could be a disaster as Shimla doesn’t have nightlife like any other city. But yes visiting Shimla might boost your social image. You might feel relaxed, rejuvenated & stress-free.

Conclusion –

It’s very important to have a clear agenda/motive while deciding the vacations in Shimla. Everything will be decided from this point onwards- accommodation, transport, trip duration etc. I am sure, having done this, the trip won’t go haywire. 

Also one should do the self-check whether made for hills or not.I know, most of you will not agree. It’s okay, but no harm in giving it a little consideration.

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